What if your missing something?

Tenth person consultancy aims to give you confidence that you have considered the complete picture by challenging leadership teams. Where employees agree you expect us to disagree! If you are concerned that group think may be causing you to miss business opportunities or that risks to the business may be unidentified we aim to help you explore issues more fully.

What might change in the future?

How might the future impact your business and the sector, is it possible to know? We don't tell the future but we know how to think the unthinkable and imagine the near and far future for opportunity and risk. Ask us what opportunities we are currently imagining?

Tenth Person and Future Imagining Consultancy Services

In person and remote online consultancy is available discretely and in confidence.


Remote online consultancy is an affordable way to start long term planning and establish potential future outer limits. What are the likely future challenges to business and what could be done to limit their impacts? Appointments are available throughout the week and drop in sessions are available for retaining clients. If you are interested in exploring how we can aid your business request a free 5min chat to hear what is concerning us this week!

In Person

If you prefer in person consultancy then we are happy to meet in person and discuss your project. In person sessions allow for a more detailed consideration of your concerns. In person meetings are available in cities in the UK throughout the week. Request a meeting now below.

Executive Away Day

Rather than discussing short term issues or doing team building exercises why not consider the far future with some horizon scanning? Including some long term strategic thinking in your away day and see how your business could make the world a better place, or perhaps you just prefer trying to make your business more successful! Away day session are tailored to requirements and can be blue sky focused or black swan orientated or used to imagine the near or far future.

I'm ready to future-ready my business!

TPEX Output

How businesses and society can navigate these challenges and seize the opportunities of the future.


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